About me

Connecting people to place through co-design

 Image credit: Mike O'neill, Te Papa 

Image credit: Mike O'neill, Te Papa 


The work I do is focused around giving brands a meaningful voice in this world. I encourage you and the community to take part in the design process, creating innovative design that looks as-sexy-as-hell but also connects with real people’s needs. 

Along the way I have picked up some recognitions, which is just a bonus for doing what I love! Best Awards – Nga Aho, Best Awards – Graphics, Best Awards, Graphic

I am a bubbly individual who takes great pride in the work I do. People say I have a level of passion that is contagious. 

I'm independent and sit happily outside the norm, I fit best with people looking for a fresh take. So if you think we would be a good fit, get in touch and I would love to catch-up for a coffee!




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